With 92 pc repeat rate, Astroswamig changing lives with accurate insights into future

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A highly profitable venture, the company will open doors to the bright futures of people through employment and predictions.

With 92 pc repeat rate, Astroswamig changing lives with accurate insights into future | With 92 pc repeat rate, Astroswamig changing lives with accurate insights into future

With 92 pc repeat rate, Astroswamig changing lives with accurate insights into future

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A highly profitable venture, the company will open doors to the bright futures of people through employment and predictions.

The repeat rate in any consultation is a strong indicator of the trust and value people have placed in our astrologers. This comes from accurate and reliable predictions that have impacted them. Do you still have doubts about astrology?

Astroswamig Objective

Astroswamig started with the objective of bringing together seekers of astrological services and a collective pool of the best astrologers through the online medium. The portal provides a host of astrology services, both free and paid. In a few years, their vision and wisdom generated by deep knowledge of astrology have made them a prominent name in the market.

Astroswamig has an online and offline presence and is now set to launch its chat service to supplement the online phone consultations. Rated one amongst the best 8 astrology sites, 5 out of 10, it has become a site that has made an impact. This is just the first step towards achieving the goal set by its founder astrologer, Acharya KN Joshi.

How did it all begin?

The journey began with Archays KN Joshi coming to Delhi in 2007 after completing his Gurukul and University studies in Vedic Astrology in Rishikesh and other spiritual destinations. In Delhi, he observed that true astrology and the in-depth knowledge that is present with the astrological scholars was missing.

In the name of astrology, people were being served simply a sugar-coated counselling service and so there was an immediate and burning need to create an entity that would reflect the reality and purity of astrology to benefit everyone. After working in various astrological institutions and centres for 10 years, Acharya Ji started the Institute of Astro Swami Ji Astrology in the year 2015 from Gurgaon, Haryana.

Why the name Astroswamig?

In Indian society, Saints, Sadhus and Swamis in Indian society have great importance, these people are considered guardians, guides and spiritual men who fulfil our expectations and who we address respectfully as Swami or Guru. Seeking inspiration from this, the name Astroswamig was born.

Acharya KN Joshi belongs to a Brahmin religious family of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. He grew up surrounded by spirituality as Rishikesh is synonymous with all things holy and his father and grandfather were also astrologers. In his initial days, he studied astrology from his parents, and then under the guidance of his Guru Ji in the Gurukul tradition.

When he was young, one spiritual guru, Shri Jai Krishna Semwal Ji, who is a very famous scholar of Vedic astrology used to visit his home. When he used to make predictions of the people so accurately, it used to be an exciting experience. Because of this curiosity about astrology, since childhood, Acharya KN Joshi chose astrology in class 8 and dedicated himself to its study and process of acquiring a deep knowledge of Vedic astrology and all its aspects.

His foresight was to take astrology to the masses which now presents itself as Astroswamig Astrological orgsation. Today, Astroswamig portal has thousands of visitors, who can enjoy the benefits of the highly informative articles written by Archayaji.

Astrology is the study of stars and planets and their influence on populations on Earth. Astrology believes that when a child is born, at that time, the position of the sun, stars, moon and other planets have a direct effect on the child's personality, relationships, finances and future.

A layperson's knowledge of Astrology is limited to their zodiac sign, and predictions about these 12 Zodiacs are usually available to read daily in newspapers, magazines etc. However true astrology is the Vedic astrology and Astroswamig began as an online astrology consultation service using Vedic astrology. On their website, you can speak with anyone of the 100 plus astrologers listed, each astrologer having a rating. Visitors can recharge their wallets to make selections after analysis of the astrologer profile, then make a call to discuss their needs with the astrologer. With the launch of their recent chat service, people will now be able to consult via chat to know about the future.

Astroswamig Vision

The vision of the company reflects the vision of the founder, Acharyaji which is to spread to common people the idea of a true astrological system to solve problems in people's modern living. Using age-old proven and reliable means of astrology to improve the lives of people is no mean feat and that is made possible by Astroswaming.

"We wish to explore and enable the simplest and fastest means to reach the masses. I carry forward the legacy of my forefathers for the benefit of people in Metro cities like Delhi who have lost touch with our deeply connected roots to yoga, spirituality and astrology. I believe that I can draw the attention of millions towards this lost art of astrology for the greater good of Humty," said KN Joshi, Founder & CEO, Astroswamig, while speaking at the launch of the chat service,

"For growth and profitability in the business we are focussing on improved branding, sales and increasing our services as well as offering some free services," adds Acharyaji.

Experience and astrological wisdom and vision are the cornerstones of a great astrologer, and Acharya KN Joshi is all this and more. In a career spanning over 25 years, he has understood different astrological systems deeply and carries unmatched knowledge of Vedic astrology, numerology, Lal Kitab and Nadi.

The best astrologers are recruited under his guidance who pool in their collective knowledge as experts in their chosen astrological subjects. Their solutions are irreplaceable, and their astrologers have made reliable predictions for the future of clients who keep coming back for further guidance.

Acharya Ji has been instrumental in ensuring excellence in all aspects of our service and is involved in every aspect of the operation right from the concept stage to delivering adequate services as well as efficient management. Despite the management responsibility, he is also directly involved in making astrological predictions, studying horoscopes, Vedic practices and aiding people in their journey through life.

Astroswamig is a one-stop for expert online astrology services in India. Their online services match the best international standards with free online astrology consultations and expert guidance. The astrological remedies offered through astroswamig are reliable, effective and easy to follow without incurring huge time or cost. Simplicity and effectiveness are used in Mantras, Pujas and Japas to help people to improve their destiny.

Their site for free astrology predictions has rapidly grown in popularity among astrology seekers everywhere.

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