On Sunday's T20 match India vs Pakistan. Pakistan beat India by 10 wickets but the hero of the match was Pakistan fast bowler Shahin Shah Afridi he knocked India by raking 3 major wickets of Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, and Virat Kohli.

The Indians were unaware of how Afridi, the architect of Pakistan's victory, was bowling and his style. India lost the match without taking a single wicket.

This embarrassing defeat of the Indian team and the fans was heartbreaking. It is history that the Indian team throws in front of a new bowler. However, yesterday's match showed how dangerous it can be to play against a team after more than two years.

Shaheen Shah Afridi hit Rohit in the first over to give India a strong lead. After that KL Rahul was also sent back. This is where Pakistan won the half innings. Because the pressure was on the next batsmen. Then Virat Kohli in the 19th over.

The Pakistani star bowler picked up three big wickets for 31 runs. His coach Aya Akbar Yousafzai had noticed how dangerous Shaheen's style could be.

Recognized how Afridi can create fear in the minds of some of the best batsmen in the world. He told the Indian Express about Shahin Afridi's top secret.

Shaheen Afridi's shoulder, arm, and wrist are so flexible that is the strength of his bowling. When throwing the ball, his wrist turns at the last moment in such a way that it feels like a separate part of his hand. Like a separate part has been added to the toy.

The ball also swings well as his wrists are twisting at the last minute. This makes the batsman unaware of the matter and he falls. Afridi also uses his shoulder to the maximum.

Afridi also had a shortcoming. He was exhausted immediately after running to throw the ball. Run up he was having trouble. His steps are very important for a tall player. Which can plague any bowler. Youssef said he worked hard on it.