The Indian cricket team's maths in the tournament has deteriorated due to Pakistan's drastic defeat in the T20 World Cup. The defeat has made it difficult for the Indian team to reach the semi-finals. India still has four matches left in the tournament.

The Indian team is in Group 2 of the T20 World Cup. The group includes India and Pakistan, as well as Afghanistan, New Zealand, Scotland, and Namibia. Out of these six teams, only two teams will advance to the semi-finals.

India now has their next match against New Zealand next Monday. After that, the Indian team will face Afghanistan on November 3. India will then face Scotland and Namibia in the first round.

Only two teams from the group will qualify for the semi-finals. That means the Indian team will have to win the rest of the matches. Also, they will have to win by a big margin. The group has four strong teams, including Afghanistan. In such a situation, two big teams have to be eliminated from the competition.

Currently, Pakistan tops Group 2 with 2 points. After losing by 10 wickets, the Indian team's net run rate is in the minus. In such a scenario, the Indian team will not only have to win the next matches but also win with great speed.