Kangana Ranaut : Queen actress Kangana Ranaut is seeing someone and going to marry soon

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: November 11, 2021 05:16 PM2021-11-11T17:16:31+5:302021-11-11T17:16:31+5:30


Queen actress Kangana Ranaut is trending everywhere now in the last two weeks she is been rewarded with National award for the 4th time and Padam Shri, in her recent programs she revealed that she is seeing someone and in the next five years, she will marry and have children.

This time, she hinted at having someone 'special' in her life. She has promised fans that she will tell everyone about her future husband soon.

Kangana, who is always known for her outspokenness, is the talk of the town. During the Times Now Summit, ask Kangana was some questions about her personal life.

Kangana was asked, "How do you see yourself in the next five years?" On this, Kangana first said about her wedding, baby planning, 'I definitely want to get married and do family planning.

I see myself five years later as a mother, a wife, and an active worker. She also sees herself as an active participant in the dream of a new India. "

After hearing Kangana's answer, when she was asked who she was going to marry, the actress decided to keep it a secret and replied very calmly and smiling that soon everyone will know about it. She hinted that there is someone in her life.

In an interview to Mumbai Mirror last year in 2020, Kangana shared many things about marriage and children. Although Kangana is currently unmarried, she has been dreaming of married life since the age of 20.

This news has gone so viral on social media and everyone now seems to know Kangana's secret boyfriend. Before this Kangana had a long affair with Bollywood's handsome hunk Hrithik Roshan. Which created controversies all over the Industry.