Corona Vaccine: Delta Variant is spreading rapidly among vaccinated people

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: October 29, 2021 05:38 PM2021-10-29T17:38:43+5:302021-10-29T17:38:43+5:30


The rapidly spreading corona has created an atmosphere of fear among the people. Corona's devastation continues and millions have been killed so far. Corona has caused serious conditions in many countries.

Although efforts are being made worldwide to prevent corona infection, the growing number of patients is a cause for concern. Strict restrictions have been imposed. In some places, lockdowns have been announced once again.

The number of corona patients worldwide has reached 246,395,187. So far, the number of corona victims worldwide has reached 49 million. So far 4,998,731 people have lost their lives.

Accelerated vaccination campaigns are underway in all countries of the world. Meanwhile, a shocking piece of information has emerged from the research. It is now being reported that the Delta variant is spreading rapidly from people who have been vaccinated with the corona.

A British study on Thursday said a delta variant of the coronavirus could spread rapidly from vaccinated people to people in contact with them. This information has also come to light from a year-long study.

The risk of corona delta infection will be lower if people who have been in contact with the vaccinated person are also vaccinated. This is a great revelation from the research done by Imperial College London.

Researchers say the best way to reduce the serious risk of the corona is to get a vaccine. There is also a need to take a booster dose. People who have been vaccinated recover faster.

Experts say those who have not yet been vaccinated are at greater risk. According to Dr. Anika Singanayagam, samples of people infected with corona were often taken for testing.

Vaccinated people are at risk of corona and can spread corona in their homes, it is said. The Delta variant is causing a huge increase in the number of patients around the world. This is happening in countries where vaccination is high.

The research involved 621 people. About 25 percent of people who have been vaccinated have been infected with the coronavirus, while about 38 percent of people who have had contact without a vaccine have been infected.

Those who were vaccinated had mild symptoms of the infection, while those who were not vaccinated, those who came in contact with them became unwell and had to be hospitalized, the research said. A Hindi website has reported about this.

The corona vaccine reduces serious illness and also works to reduce disease-related deaths. But does it also affect mortality from causes other than corona? New research in this regard has now come to the fore.

Vaccinated people had a lower risk of dying from other diseases than those not vaccinated. The research, conducted by Kaiser Permanente, is based on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Mortality Rate Weekly.

Among those who did not receive the corona vaccine, 11.1 deaths were reported. Among those who received the modern vaccine, the death rate was 3.7 per 1,000 people after the first dose and 3.4 after the second.

The death rate for those who did not receive the vaccine was 11.1 per 1,000. At the same time, Johnson & Johnson accounted for 8.4 deaths per 1,000 people vaccinated. The corona virus has infected the entire world.