Covishield Vaccine shows zero protection against Omicron Variant?

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: December 11, 2021 04:38 PM2021-12-11T16:38:15+5:302021-12-11T16:38:15+5:30


The number of infected people by omicron are raising in the country now, this has became a major concern for the government.

Covid-sheild vaccacine is considered to be the most effective vaccine against corona. The vaccine, developed by the Serum Institute of India with the help of AstraZeneca and Oxford, has been given to millions of Indians.

Omicron terror is being witnessed in Britain. Therefore, the government has started preparations to give booster dose. Research in the UK has shown that the AstraZeneca vaccine is becoming obsolete after a few months.

The vaccine known as AstraZeneca in Britain is known as Covishield in India. AstraZeneca's vaccine against opioids has raised concerns among millions. Fortunately, the booster dose of this vaccine is 76% effective against omicron.

Britain is focusing on booster doses as the AstraZeneca vaccine against opioids has failed. However, no booster dose has been decided in India yet. As a result, the lives of billions of people who have been vaccinated with the Covishield vaccine are at stake.

Many in Britain have also been vaccinated with AstraZeneca. However, the security created by this vaccine was breached by Omicron. As a result, the omicron began to spread rapidly. By the end of this month, the number of infected people in Britain will probably reach one million.

AstraZeneca's booster dose has been shown to be effective against omecron. Research has shown that the levels of antibodies produced in the body of those who took two doses of the corona vaccine.

People who take 2 doses of Pfizer can resist omicron. But the security they get is 30 percent. Pfizer's booster dose provides 71% protection against omicron.

While the Britian has decided to give booster dose, India is yet to give confirmation, none the less the vaccination campaign is also getting slow in India.

Vaccination rates have dropped by 8.5 percent in the past week.