IN PICS! Benefits of drinking onion juice and honey are beneficial in problems like fever, cough

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: May 8, 2021 04:26 PM2021-05-08T16:26:57+5:302021-05-08T16:26:57+5:30


Problems like cold, cold, fever, cough never leave a human being. Repeated use of medicines to get relief from them can harm your health. You can use onion to get relief from problems like fever, headache, headache and loss of appetite.

It is believed that using onion provides relief in fever. With the help of onions, these diseases can be easily corrected and problems like phlegm can also be overcome. This can increase the energy level in the body and can cure cough, cold, phlegm and fever.

Onion water is very easy to prepare. You will need an onion and drinking water to prepare this water. You take the onion and cut it finely into pieces. Then put them inside a bowl. After this, you fill water inside this bowl. Let this bowl remain like this for eight hours. After this, drink 3 teaspoons of this water 3 times a day.

In general, onion water becomes a bit difficult to drink. Its taste is slightly pungent and sharp. Which often does not taste. In this case, you can also add honey to it. By adding honey, not only will this water taste good, but the cough will disappear completely.

A doctor should be consulted first in fever or any other disorder. Information related to the correct use of any thing and the method of use must be asked by the doctor. It often happens that you have a problem with another disease and you start treating it as a fever. In such a situation it can prove to be harmful. Let me tell you, do not take onion water too much for your children to drink. Allow your children to drink this water only twice a day. Apart from children, pregnant women should not drink this water too much.

Onion water is considered to be extremely effective as it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements which protect the body from cold. Apart from this, there are also antimicrobial elements inside the onion which act to eliminate phlegm.

The problem of phlegm is corrected by drinking onion water or its juice. People who drink onion water thrice a week, their immunity system remains right and their risk of getting disease is also reduced. By drinking onion juice, toxins are removed from the lungs and there are no diseases related to the lungs. Thiosulfate, sulfide and sulfoxide properties are also found inside onions and these elements keep many people away from the body.