Advance tensile testing machine with screen by Pacorr

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Pacorr Testing Instruments has recently enhanced its product line by launching the all-new version of tensile testing machine i.e. 'Tensile Testing Machine with Screen'. The testing machine is designed to test the tensile strength of multiple types of substrate to understand the sheer strength and tensile behaviour of the products. The machine is operated both via manual and automated operations.

Advance tensile testing machine with screen by Pacorr | Advance tensile testing machine with screen by Pacorr

Advance tensile testing machine with screen by Pacorr

Pacorr Testing Instruments has recently enhanced its product line by launching the all-new version of tensile testing machine i.e. 'Tensile Testing Machine with Screen'. The testing machine is designed to test the tensile strength of multiple types of substrate to understand the sheer strength and tensile behaviour of the products. The machine is operated both via manual and automated operations.

Testing tensile strength is important for several reasons. First, it can help identify materials that may not be strong enough for application. Second, it can help determine the appropriate type of fastener or reinforcing material to use in a particular application. Finally, the testing can help determine the durability of a material under stress. It is, therefore, important to measure the yield strength of the materials before using them for the manufacturing process. It is an amazing launch that the manufacturers of different industries will definitely enjoy using.

The computerized screen version of tensile strength tester is designed keeping in mind the standards guidelines i.e. ASTM D638, IS 1608 (2005), DIN EN ISO 6892-1, ASTM E8/E8M-13, etc. The device is constructed using highly durable, heavy-duty material. It is a reliable testing machine which is highly recommended for analyzing and evaluating the tensile properties of plastics, metals, rubbers, packaging and other materials to test their durability in the long run.

Determining the properties and analyzing factors of the materials is one of the prominent steps that should never be skipped before initiating the manufacturing process to produce only high-quality products. Tensile Testing Machine - Computerized is, therefore, a must-have testing instrument that every manufacturer should have in their testing laboratories.

After analyzing the benefits of testing products in order to let the manufacturers produce only high-quality products, Pacorr has decided to add one more amazing testing machine to its product tree. The best part of the testing machine is that it is designed with a computer screen which works on a user-friendly software that performs all the required operations with great ease and convenience.

The testing machine is designed in compliance with various national and international testing standards. Before one tries their hands on the testing machines, please spare some time to go through the standards ASTM D638 and DIN EN ISO 6892-1 and understand the sample preparation process, test process and machine operating procedures to get accurate and precise test results.

The ASTM D638 and DIN EN ISO 6892-1 standards

The standards define the most common test procedure that helps to analyze the tensile properties of reinforced plastic, metals and other materials. The testing machine is used to calculate the tensile strength rate of the substrates. It is used to measure the mechanical properties to check the durability and shelf life of the product. Using the tensile strength tester - computerized, one will be able to perform the test easily and get accurate results.

Pacorr's Tensile Strength Tester - Computerized is different from others

The tensile tester is used extensively in many industries for testing the tensile strength of materials. The tensile tester can be used to test the strength of metals, plastics, ropes, cables, fabrics, paper, and other materials. There are many applications of tensile testers. Tensile testing is a common method used to scrutinize the strength and performance of materials in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, construction, etc. It is used to determine the modulus of elasticity and elongation, yield strength, and ultimate strength of any substrate. It is also used to test the elasticity of materials, their resilience and measure their ductility to analyze at which point of force of elongation the material will get ruptured.

Moreover, the value evaluated from the tensile test provides the mechanical analysis of different materials which is derived from setting different pressure, directions, and strength. The manufacturers who are dealing in any type of plastic substances, metal products, rubbers, or any other substrate need to measure this property to ensure that the product they are bringing to the market for the final use is durable and best in terms of quality.

The testing machine comes with following specifications:

The Tensile testing machine also known as tensometer consists of a load cell, that can be customized as per the requirement of the application, that helps to apply different tensile forces on the sample. It also has a digital and computerized system to perform the operations easily and conveniently. Both the options are used to record the results of deformation of the sample within microseconds. The sample is secured in the machine by grips or fixtures that hold it in place tightly even when the pressure is applied in it.

Specifications of Pacorr's Tensile Strength Tester - Computerized

The all-new testing machine comes with many advanced specifications such as:

- Single screw mechanism which is driven through gearbox and motor both

- The vertical clearance of the machine is 700 mm

- The exterior body is powder coated which ensure rust-resistance finish

- The machine has a large digital LCD display

- The machine has 'S-Type' load-cell that comes with capacities of 50 Kgf to 1000 Kgf

- The speed is controlled by dedicated AC drive

- By default the test jaws are of Vice Type. If one wants any other type of grips, specify the applications at the time of ordering to customize the grips

The best part of the machine is that it is fitted with a programmable logical controller which is completely microprocessor based. The machine is equipped with lead screw which is less traversed and offers high accuracy in elongation. The induction motor fitted is of reputed make and comes with a dedicated gearbox that helps to maintain high speed easily.

There are many testing instruments available in the market to test the strength and yield strength of the materials. But the instruments that Pacorr offers are designed with well-engineered, state-of-the-art features.

Tensile Testing Machine Types

- Tensile Testing Machine with Screen- Tensile Testing Machine- Universal Tensile Testing Machine- Double Column Tensile Testing Machine

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Reflections 2022 and Vision 2023

Hope you are enjoying the 1st month of the New Year 2023 with full energy and enthusiasm after a relaxing year-end holiday break. Once again, we wish you all a very happy and a prosperous new year. We are writing this to you to give you the insights of the previous year 2022 and the plans that we have to execute in the upcoming year, in order to keep our loved ones updated about us. In the past year, we have posted 50+ articles and 5 newsletters and we're happy to observe that thousands of readers are tuned in with us.

Each post of ours offered a unique insight to our readers. With our customers' reading behaviour and buying behaviour, we got to know that our products and articles both play a vital role and we have to be extra cautious while developing every single piece.

Let's have a quick glance at our achievements that we've attained in the year 2022.

New Projects

We have tied knots with a few reputed brands such as Konica Minolta- New York, Poly Products - Lagos Nigeria, Soruty Industries - Lagos Nigeria, Nestle Group, Crompton Greaves, Pepsi Group, Philips India and much more. We have not only promised them to offer the best testing instruments to test the products that are manufactured in their premises but also signed the contract of serving them for a long duration by offering them the best testing machine and annual maintenance services with 24x7 customer support.

New Products Launched in 2022

We have unveiled a massively updated testing machines to our range of highly standardized testing machines such as Salt spray chamber FRP Model, Box Compression with Touch Screen, Universal Testing Machine with Touch Screen, Pinhole Tester, Modified Version of secure seal tester, Drop Tester Pneumatic model and advanced version of motorized torque tester. The wide range of products will help the manufacturers of different Industries to evaluate the performance & quality of different types of products.

Our Vision for 2023

In the year 2023, we are planning to offer the complete range of testing instruments to the Textile industries. For this, we will expand our space to 1000 square meter factory space and recruit 50 numbers of skilled manpower. The range will be diversified by adding a few more testing machines such as UV Weathering Chamber - Advanced Version, Ozone Test Chamber - Computerized version and much more. With all complete support and blessings of our clients, customers and team of highly skilled professionals, we are also planning to open a new factory unit in Chennai and will then increase our footfalls in the European, UAE and African markets this year.

At last, we would just like to thank you for not just buying and appreciating our testing machine but also availing the services offered by Pacorr Testing Instruments Pvt. Ltd. and encouraging us to write this overwhelming response.

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