House of Zelena: Pioneering a New Era of Maternity Wear for Modern Moms

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India PR Distribution New Delhi [India], May 10: House of Zelena is a premier lifestyle destination for pregnant and ...

House of Zelena: Pioneering a New Era of Maternity Wear for Modern Moms | House of Zelena: Pioneering a New Era of Maternity Wear for Modern Moms

House of Zelena: Pioneering a New Era of Maternity Wear for Modern Moms

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New Delhi [India], May 10: House of Zelena is a premier lifestyle destination for pregnant and new moms. It is leading the way in revolutionising maternity wear with a unique approach as a community-led and digital-first brand. House of Zelena compassionately acknowledges and attends to the genuine struggles that mothers encounter throughout and after pregnancy. From embracing the baby bump to nurturing the postpartum belly, from catering to oversensitive skin to alleviating body swelling, brand is dedicated to supporting mothers every step of the way. They offer comprehensive wellness services and premium maternity wear, to ensure better motherhood journey.

About House Of Zelena :

Hina Priyadarshini, a techie & mother of two, founded House of Zelena driven by her own struggle to find suitable clothing during and after her pregnancies. Her expertise as an AI-ML practitioner, coupled with experience in cutting-edge technology projects, fuelled her determination to address this gap. Joining her in this endeavour is her spouse, Mayank Kamal, an IIM alumnus with a distinguished background. He has held senior leadership positions at leading companies like Myntra and IndiaMART, as well as various social commerce startups.

The Problems New Mothers face:

Over 72% of mothers do not revert to their pre-pregnancy body shape even three years postpartum. This insight led House of Zelena to recognize that a new mothers' body doesn't align with standard or plus sizes, prompting the introduction of the term 'new mom fit'. House of Zelena conducted one-on-one video surveys with 1000+ new and expecting mothers, gathering statistically significant insights about changes in body measurements during and after pregnancy. With accurate measurements in hand, the company then embarked on developing proprietary fabrics, collaborating with esteemed suppliers to bring truly innovative products to the market, specifically designed for new mothers. And now, after extensive research and development, House of Zelena proudly presents its latest creation -

Unveiling Zactive: India's Game-Changing Bump-Friendly Leggings for Expectant Mothers!

Crafted with high-quality stretchable fabric and a seamless design, they provide unparalleled comfort and back support throughout all stages of pregnancy. As promised, these leggings meet all the criteria that new mothers seek. House of Zelena guarantees these leggings will be the only maternity leggings you'll ever need!

Experience the Luxury of the Zactive Seamless Leggings Range: Embrace Your Pregnancy in Style and Comfort!

It's unbelievable how these seamless leggings can be so soft, stretchy, lightweight, and ultra-comfortable. Made with high-quality polyamide fabric, these leggings expand with your belly and the proprietary seamless design assures that the leggings provide bump coverage no matter how your belly shape is! Carrying high, carrying low, carrying multiple babies? We got you, mamma!

The special fabric is so gentle on your sensitive skin and almost feels like a part of your skin!

Innovative Maternity Wear: Embrace Innovation Like Never Before!

Traditional wear with a twist to make you feel comfortable yet stylish. We use smocking, elastication, rouching & various other techniques in garmenting to get what a changing mom body requires.

* Maternity Dresses: Our range of feeding and maternity dresses guarantees that you feel lovely and at ease from the charm of a pregnancy dress to the adaptable styles made to fit you at every stage.

* Feeding Kurtis: House of Zelena has India's most diverse Maternity & Feeding Kurtis collection. We bring in trending prints & silhouettes for Maternity Kurtis so that you look your best self in the motherhood journey, making them perfect for different moods & occasions.

* Feeding Tops: Widest Variety of Feeding Tops, Stylish Western Nursing Tops & Ethnic Pregnancy Tops. Available in Stylish Peplum, A-line, Fit & Flare, and Other Styles. Your Summer Essential Feeding Tops Will Fit You Throughout Pregnancy and Postpartum.

* Maternity Kaftan: Flowy and elegant kaftans are available as both individual maternity kaftans and maternity kaftan sets. These cozy and feeding-friendly garments are a perfect addition to your maternity wardrobe.

* Nursing Cover: Glam up your maternity style with House of Zelena's 6-in-1 Versatile Nursing covers. Crafted with both fashion and practicality in mind, our nursing covers blend sophistication with 360° coverage, ensuring full privacy during breastfeeding.

* Maternity Pants: Bump into your Motherhood journey with India's first Adaptable Bump-friendly maternity pants which offer the perfect blend of comfort and fashion. Our collection, featuring Maternity pants, leggings, and Trousers is perfect for yoga and ensures comfort, flexibility, and style throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond.

* Diverse Clothing Range: A proprietary range of maternity office wear, daily wear, ethnic, and casual wear, specifically designed for new mothers & all their maternity wear needs.

Proudly Made in India:

At House of Zelena, we take great pride in our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. That's why we proudly manufacture our products locally in India. By producing our maternity wear locally, we ensure that each garment is tailored to perfection, taking into account the diverse body shapes of Indian mothers. This not only guarantees a comfortable and flattering fit but also supports the local economy and promotes sustainable practices. With House of Zelena, you can be confident that you are not only investing in stylish and functional maternity wear but also supporting the proud tradition of Indian craftsmanship.

The Importance of Community Support: Empowering Mothers to Thrive and Overcome Postpartum Challenges

Approximately 70 per cent of mothers endure moderate to severe postpartum depression. In nuclear families, pregnant women often feel cut off from friends, leading to loneliness. Social media adds pressure to be perfect, causing stress and guilt. This can make mothers overlook their own health, leading to more problems.

In response to these challenges, the House Of Zelena Community provides a nurturing and secure environment where mothers can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other.

It's reported that over 90 per cent of mothers in this community have experienced a significant improvement in their physical and mental well-being after joining, underscoring the positive impact of communal support and shared experiences.

House of Zelena's Commitment to Enhanced Maternity Wellness and Support

House of Zelena has bundled complimentary services with the Zactive product line to ensure a healthier pregnancy journey for all moms. Every customer who buys from the Zactive range will gain access to a customized wellness program, where they can select various activities to engage in. This also provides an opportunity to connect with other moms in the community who can motivate and support each other in these wellness endeavours.

They also offer various wellness programs in co-ordination with highly skilled doctors & care givers. These programs aim to provide comprehensive care, guidance, and resources to help women navigate the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

Maternity Brand Success: House of Zelena's Remarkable Growth

House of Zelena, a leading maternity brand, has experienced extraordinary growth in the past year. Their success can be attributed to the brand's commitment to quality, comfort, and style in its maternity clothing offerings. Additionally, House of Zelena provides a tailored wellness program to customers, allowing them to choose activities and connect with a supportive community.

With continued expansion plans, House of Zelena aims to solidify its position as a leading maternity brand, catering to the evolving needs of expecting mothers.

For more information about House of Zelena and its innovative approach to maternity wear, please visit or contact

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