Brain is Super Elastic in Kids: Unlock their Potential, Says Sid Baliga at Seekers Bay School Annual Day

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Seekers Bay Pre School, located on Hosa Road, Bangalore, had the honour of hosting Siddarth "Sid" Baliga as the ...

Brain is Super Elastic in Kids: Unlock their Potential, Says Sid Baliga at Seekers Bay School Annual Day | Brain is Super Elastic in Kids: Unlock their Potential, Says Sid Baliga at Seekers Bay School Annual Day

Brain is Super Elastic in Kids: Unlock their Potential, Says Sid Baliga at Seekers Bay School Annual Day

Seekers Bay Pre School, located on Hosa Road, Bangalore, had the honour of hosting Siddarth "Sid" Baliga as the Chief Guest at their Annual Day celebrations. The event was a momentous occasion for the school, which has been making waves in the community under the leadership of entrepreneur Preethi Ananth.

Seekers Bay Pre School stands out amidst the vast landscape of preschools in Bangalore for several compelling reasons. Despite the presence of over 10,000 preschools in the city, with nearly 3000 registered with the Karnataka council of preschools, Seekers Bay has managed to carve a niche for itself since its establishment in 2018. The school's remarkable growth trajectory is a testament to its unwavering commitment to providing high-quality education to young learners.

One key aspect that sets Seekers Bay apart is its approach to building a brand from the ground up, rather than opting for the franchise model commonly adopted by many preschools. This decision, spearheaded by founder Preethi Ananth, reflects a bold vision and unwavering dedication to creating a unique educational experience for students. By eschewing the franchise model, Seekers Bay has the freedom to tailor its curriculum, teaching methodologies, and learning environment to best meet the needs of its students and community.

As Siddarth Baliga, a seasoned veteran in the education sector with over a decade of experience, stepped foot into Seekers Bay Pre School, he was immediately struck by the vibrant energy and enthusiasm that permeated the atmosphere. As the Vice President of Operations at, an AI-powered training brand, Sid had witnessed various educational settings throughout his career, but something about Seekers Bay captivated him from the moment he arrived.  In this interaction with the press, Sid underscored the significance of word-of-mouth marketing in the educational sector, particularly emphasizing its relevance for institutions like Seekers Bay. He highlighted the intrinsic value that such institutions bring to the community, not only in terms of academic excellence but also in fostering a sense of belonging and community engagement.  In essence, word-of-mouth marketing serves as a testament to creating meaningful and impactful learning experiences that resonate with students and families alike.

"The crowd of parents on a busy evening is testimony enough of the value the school provides. Schools run on word-of-mouth marketing rather than big bang advertisements. Any conventional marketing is more for brand reinforcement rather than to generate leads," said Sid, acknowledging Preethi Ananth's achievement in establishing two successful schools in the technology hub of Bangalore.

Drawing inspiration from the school's young performers, Sid underscored the significance of starting early and fostering holistic personality development. "Focusing on academics is fine, but exposure to a gamut of activities, including public speaking, is essential for holistic personality development," he remarked.

An ardent advocate of the concept of muscle memory, Sid has spoken and written extensively on the subject in various forums, further demonstrating his commitment to shaping the future of education.  According to Sid, experiential offline learning offers invaluable opportunities for children to engage with their environment, interact with peers, and develop essential life skills that cannot be fully replicated in a virtual setting. He believes that hands-on activities, field trips, and face-to-face interactions play a crucial role in fostering creativity, critical thinking, and social-emotional development among young learners.

Preethi Ananth emphasizes the importance of offline learning, citing its unique ability to engage all five senses and offer a comprehensive learning experience that fosters better retention and understanding. By actively involving children in hands-on activities and real-world experiences, the school aims to deepen their comprehension of concepts and instill a profound appreciation for their surroundings.

Seekers Bay Pre School exemplifies this commitment to offline learning through its Annual Day celebrations, where students showcase their talents through dance and singing performances. Additionally, children take on the role of comperes, demonstrating confidence and poise as they engage with the audience. These offline activities provide students with opportunities to apply their learning in a real-world context, further reinforcing their understanding and skills development.

Earlier this month, Sid was at ISTD’s Southern Regional Conference where he moderated a panel discussion and conversed with corporate honchos such as Chella Pandian Pichai of Biocon Biologics and Harish Sharma of Toyota Financial Services.  Held at the esteemed Ramaiah University campus in Bangalore, the conference provided a platform for thought leaders and industry experts, from organizations such as Airbus, Wipro, IBM, LinkedIn, to exchange ideas and explore emerging trends in the corporate learning & development landscape. 

As a mentor on AIMA's Young Leaders Council, Sid leverages his expertise to nurture and guide the next generation of leaders, imparting valuable insights and wisdom gained from his own experiences.  In addition to his professional endeavours, Sid is also an active content creator, running a popular YouTube channel where he shares his knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics related to education, leadership, and personal development.  More details available at.

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