Four things you should never do after a full meal

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: September 29, 2023 04:23 PM2023-09-29T16:23:26+5:302023-09-29T16:23:26+5:30


Many individuals put in considerable effort day and night to shed those extra pounds. Despite incorporating exercise and a healthy diet into their routines, they often find that their weight remains unchanged, with no reduction, even by a single kilogram. This could be attributed to certain unhealthy daily habits. (4 Things You Shouldn't Do After a Full Meal)

Failing to achieve weight loss results can be attributed to several post-dinner mistakes. Experts have provided further insights into the daily routine errors that hinder weight loss progress.

A common habit among many people is consuming tea or coffee after a meal, but this practice can be detrimental to health. It can hinder the digestion process, leading to improper food breakdown and potentially resulting in the accumulation of body fat. Furthermore, drinking tea or coffee after a meal can slow down metabolism, further impacting one's ability to manage their weight effectively.

Many individuals experience cravings for something sweet after a meal. However, indulging in sweets in such instances can be counterproductive for weight management. Sweets are often calorie-dense, and consuming them can lead to rapid weight gain. Additionally, eating sweets can disrupt the digestive process, as it can extinguish the digestive fire, making it challenging for the body to properly digest the food that was consumed.

Going to sleep immediately after dinner can indeed have a negative impact on weight loss efforts. It can disrupt metabolism and adversely affect the digestive system. Instead of heading straight to bed after a meal, consider going for a walk about half an hour after eating. This light physical activity can be beneficial for digestion and can contribute to a healthier metabolism, potentially aiding in weight management.

Drinking water immediately after a meal is a practice that can potentially lead to digestive issues. It may slow down digestion and metabolism, which can contribute to rapid weight gain. It's generally recommended to wait for about half an hour to an hour after eating before consuming water. This allows the digestive process to begin before diluting stomach acids with fluids, which can help promote efficient digestion and support overall digestive health.