All you need to know about notice period for resignation, details here

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: January 22, 2023 12:38 PM2023-01-22T12:38:01+5:302023-01-22T12:38:01+5:30


When a working class employee submits his resignation to the present company due to change of job, then the concerned employee has to serve the notice period. Almost all companies have a notice period rule. But there are some terms and conditions for this.

Failure to comply with notice period rules will result in financial loss to any employee. When you join the job in any company when your signature is taken on various documents.

It also includes the condition of working as per company policy. It also contains information about your notice period.

The documents contain all the information regarding the notice period. As to what is the rule for having to serve a notice period shorter than the fixed period. Also, if the notice period is not to be served, all the information is mentioned as to what is the rule for that.

There is no fixed rule of notice period. Every company mentions this in the contract policy. Generally, the notice period for temporary employees ranges from 15 days to one month. Whereas for permanent employees the notice period is A to three months.

If you have signed a notice period contract upon joining the job, it is important to follow the company policy. No company can compel an employee to comply with the notice period. Non-service of notice period in contract.

There is also a rule to grant you holidays in lieu of notice period. Apart from this, there is also an option to pay compensation for the duration of the notice period.

Some employers may ask you to leave right after you submit your notice period letter while still keeping you on the rolls as an employee, a process known as garden leave.