Google Play Store: Delete these 3 dangerous apps from your smartphone immediately

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: December 6, 2022 01:48 PM2022-12-06T13:48:35+5:302022-12-06T13:48:35+5:30


There are many apps on Google Play Store, which make our life easy and simple. However, there are also some apps which are infected. Such apps not only steal users' data, but also threaten privacy and even users' banks.

Google has an eye on every app. However, some apps even go off the radar and become a headache for users. Importantly, there are three apps on the Play Store, which are very dangerous (Google Play Store 3 dangerous apps), revealed in a recent report.

Here are three dangerous apps - Lazy Mouse, Telepad and PC Keyboard are flagged in this list. All these three apps are very popular. As many as 2 million users have downloaded these apps on Google Play Store.

The Synopsis Cybersecurity Research Center revealed vulnerabilities and missing authorization and insecure communication in all three apps. If your phone also has these three apps, delete them from the phone immediately.

View App Permissions - When you download an app, various permissions are requested. Like, when you download a photo editing app you get a request to access storage space, photo gallery, camera and microphone during installation.

Check Reviews - When you download an app, be sure to check its reviews. Users write their experience there. Come and know whether you should download the relevant app or not.

How many people downloaded - It is also very important to see how many people have actually downloaded the app. An app that is downloaded by less people should be ignored. However, these 3 apps that have come out now have been downloaded by millions of people.

Must Read Description - Creator shares key details at the bottom of the app on Google Play Store. You can view and verify by clicking on the creator's name. Importantly, download apps that have been downloaded by a large number of people.