Famous adult model María Fernanda Vargas wins mayor election by selling racy photos

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: February 9, 2023 05:42 PM2023-02-09T17:42:33+5:302023-02-09T17:42:33+5:30


In a political first, the winner of the race for mayor in a state in Ecuador was propelled to victory by OnlyFans.

\María Fernanda Vargas – known to her fans as “Mafer” – is now mayor of the Simón Bolívar canton, in the Ecuadorian province of Guayas.

The new mayor, who owns a popular beauty salon and has a degree in Journalism from the State University of Milagro, was until recently a successful OnlyFans model.

It’s unclear how much of “Mafer’s” success is due to her following on the adult content platform. María’s opponents had claimed a former adult entertainer couldn’t be taken seriously by voters but in the final reckoning she collected half of the possible votes.

María closed her successful OnlyFans account in 2022, at the beginning of her mayoral campaign.

She told reporters that she had only signed up for the adult platform in order to help finance her political ambitions.

María explained that she wanted to be able to “pay my 10-strong team, as well as provide a living for my daughters and myself”.

And the gamble paid off. because on Sunday (February 5), she announced her success via social media, writing: "Thank God and all the people of Simon who are are a part of this historic process for Simón Bolívar.