Bone and Joint Day 2022: Know 6 calcium rich foods to make bones healthy

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: August 4, 2022 05:00 PM2022-08-04T17:00:54+5:302022-08-04T17:00:54+5:30


A balanced diet is very important for strong bones. (Food for Healthy bones) To keep bones healthy, you mainly need enough calcium and vitamin D. Eating a balanced diet helps you get all the nutrients you need for healthy bones

For this, experts advise to have a balanced diet every day. Milk, cheese and other dairy products, green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and okra etc., soybeans, fish are excellent sources of calcium.

Today, 4th August (Bone and Joint Day 2022), Bone and Joint Day, Dr. Biren Nadkarni (Senior Orthopedic Consultant and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Sitaram Bharatiya Institute and Family Hospital, Delhi) told what to have for making the joints and bones strong.

Green leafy vegetables, which are rich in calcium, help build teeth and bones. One cup of boiled spinach can provide 25 percent of the body's daily requirement of calcium. Rich in fiber, these leaves are also rich in vitamin A and iron.

Banana is a good source of magnesium. Magnesium is an essential vitamin for building bones and teeth. Bananas should be consumed daily to strengthen bones. A banana a day can be effective in curing the problem of weak bones.

Nuts contain calcium, but it also contains magnesium and phosphorus, which are essential for bone health. Magnesium helps the absorption of calcium in the bones. Nuts can provide good nutrition if you want to keep your bones strong as you age.

Calcium is found in abundance in foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Which is the most important vitamin for bone strength and structure. A cup of milk and a cup of yogurt are excellent sources of calcium that you can consume daily.

Fresh orange juice provides the body with calcium and vitamin D, which help strengthen bones. Regular consumption of orange juice is also said to reduce the risk of osteoporosis to some extent.

It is difficult for us to get enough vitamin D from our diet. That's why we can get this vitamin D from sunlight for strong bones. An early morning walk in the cool sun can be a great option. You get vitamin D from sunlight every day.