Health Tips: Five Home Remedies To Reduce Indigestion

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: March 30, 2024 03:39 PM2024-03-30T15:39:23+5:302024-03-30T15:39:23+5:30


Consuming food outside or overeating often leads to indigestion, resulting in sensations of bloating and the occurrence of gas in the stomach.

Actress Bhagyashree took to Instagram to share advice on home remedies for alleviating pain and recommended foods for consumption.

Ginger is highly beneficial for alleviating bloating or indigestion. She recommends consuming ginger tea without milk to effectively reduce indigestion symptoms.

Finely chewing fennel can also help alleviate indigestion issues, according to Bhagyashree. She advises chewing fennel thoroughly and then drinking a glass of warm water afterward for relief.

Consuming a bowl of fresh curd can effectively alleviate various indigestion issues, Bhagyashree suggests.

Following the consumption of fresh curd, Bhagyashree recommends eating hot steamed rice. For added benefit, she suggests incorporating ghee, salt, and a dash of lemon juice into the rice.

Combining the juices of mint and cucumber is another method Bhagyashree recommends for reducing bloating and gas.