Sky Park Yercaud Sets the Stage for Incredible Experiences of Adventure and Leisure

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NewsVoir Salem (Tamil Nadu) [India], May 2: Sky Park at Yercaud, a unique adventure and leisure park, has emerged ...

Sky Park Yercaud Sets the Stage for Incredible Experiences of Adventure and Leisure | Sky Park Yercaud Sets the Stage for Incredible Experiences of Adventure and Leisure

Sky Park Yercaud Sets the Stage for Incredible Experiences of Adventure and Leisure


Salem (Tamil Nadu) [India], May 2: Sky Park at Yercaud, a unique adventure and leisure park, has emerged as a must-visit tourist attraction in this hill station town, located in the Salem District in Tamil Nadu, offering a blend of thrilling and serene experiences for a variety of interests and age groups.

Set along a sprawling 12 acres, Sky Park offers visitors panoramic views of the surrounding hills. It boasts of a wide range of incredible attractions, including an aquarium tunnel, trampoline park, roller coaster zipline, glass skywalk, and many more fun activities in Yercaud. The park also features an enchanted forest/night park, interactive aviary and exotic bird park, exotic animals, sky cycling and surfing, low and high rope adventures, landscape and topiary gardens. Its laser light show, longest canopy-lighted bridge and mystery tunnel are among the park's top draws.

Sky Park is coming up with Helicopter joy ride, Hot Air Balloon and nocturnal zoo, a first of its kind in south India, very soon. The park is open every day, with daytime hours from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and nighttime hours from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Whether day or night, it offers an ideal escape for those craving recreation, comfort, and leisure. For more information: / Sky Park Yercaud @ +91 86820 23101.

Sky Park Yercaud's Aquarium Tunnel Dive provides a visual feast where neon-coloured fish create a mesmerising display. This tunnel is a kaleidoscope of glowing colours and movement, featuring an assortment of neon tetras and other brilliantly lit fish species. As visitors walk through, it feels like they are traversing a glowing underwater passage, surrounded by a living tapestry of vivid hues. This visual retreat enhances the ethereal, otherworldly experience of exploring a radiant aquatic realm.

The Sky Bounce Trampoline Park can fill the air with joy and excitement. Visitors can bounce to their heart's content with panoramic views of Yercaud's natural beauty forming the backdrop. This area is equipped with various trampoline zones catering to different age groups and skill levels, ensuring a safe and exhilarating experience for everyone.

Sky Park's Roller Coaster Zipline combines the rush of a roller coaster with the thrill of ziplining. The exhilarating ride sends the visitors soaring over the landscape at breathtaking speeds while offering unique aerial views and an adrenaline boost that's hard to match. Visitors can experience the thrill of height and transparency on the adventure park's Glass SkyWalk, a walkway, built 100 feet above the ground, featuring a clear glass floor that provides a direct view down to the forest floor below. It's a thrilling experience that combines the beauty of Yercaud's landscape with a touch of adventure.

Sky Park also offers an unparalleled experience for thrill seekers and Horror enthusiasts alike. With it's Scary house, Ilusion Tunnel, Heart stopping VR Games, and 12D Theatre, it delivers a terrific journey into the unknown that will haunt players along even after they have removed their VR head set.

At the interactive Aviary and Exotic Bird Park visitors can interact with a variety of bird species. This attraction offers a close-up look at the birds' behaviors, feeding habits, and natural environments, fostering a deeper appreciation for wildlife conservation. Visitors can take adventure to new heights with Sky Cycling and Surfing as they can cycle or surf through the air on specially designed tracks and lines that offer a bird's-eye view of the park and its natural surroundings.

Sky Park Yercaud's Low and High Rope adventures are courses that are designed for different skill levels. They provide visitors a mix of obstacles that test balance, agility, and teamwork abilities. The Landscape and Topiary Gardens at the park is where art and nature blend seamlessly. These gardens are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring artistic plant arrangements and sculptures that create a peaceful and inspiring environment for all visitors.

The Tree of Life is a spectacular installation in the park that combines artistic creativity with natural themes. This tree features over 100 animal sculptures intricately integrated into its trunk and branches, each representing different aspects of wildlife and imagination. Skypark's museum in 150 years old heritage British Bungalow showcasing varied collections and display of antique postcards dated wayback from 1850's, travels us to the history on yercaud.

As dusk falls, the Enchanted Forest/Night Park comes alive. This area is transformed with magical lighting, creating illuminated pathways through the woods that offer a mesmerising night-time adventure. It's an ideal setting for families and couples to enjoy a tranquil evening stroll under the canopy of stars.The spectacle of Sky Park Yercaud's Laser Light Show, a dazzling display of lights and music, transforms the park atmosphere at night. Additionally, the Mystery Tunnel offers a thrilling journey of discovery, with unexpected twists and turns that engage senses and ignite curiosity of visitors.

The park also offers FoodCourt for the food lovers seeking a diverse array of flavours and cuisines from savory street food to decadent desserts, there is something to tantalize every palate at this culinary paradise.

Commenting about the uniqueness of the park, Mr. Sridhar Muthusamy of Mettur and visionary behind Sky Park, said, "Sky Park exists to connect people with nature while providing them with exciting experiences and adventures. There's something for everyone at Sky Park Yercaud. We have a redefined approach to tourism in Tamil Nadu. Very soon we are going to come up with Helicopter joy ride, Hot Air Balloon and nocturnal zoo, which will be a first of its kind in south India. We are excited to offer memorable experiences to our visitors. Join us for a day of adventure at our Day Park or a serene evening at our Night Park."

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