Tunisha Sharma friend Sonia Singh says actress was always short of money, had recently asked her to lend 3k

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: January 4, 2023 07:19 PM2023-01-04T19:19:31+5:302023-01-05T12:01:11+5:30


Actress Tunisha Sharma committed suicide on the sets of her show. After Tunisha's death, her mother Vanita Sharma filed a case against Sheezan Khan for inciting her daughter to commit suicide. Since then Sheezan Khan is in the custody of the police and further investigation is on in this case.

Now Tunisha Sharma's friend has made some shocking revelations about the actress. Important information has been given while talking to the news portal 'Aaj Tak'. Tunisha Sharma's friend and former Ko star Sonia Singh revealed that Tunisha had been upset for weeks.

Sonia and Tunisha met each other in December, during which Tunisha claimed that Sheezan had asked for space in the relationship. I then explained to her that such things happen in relationships. Soniar revealed that Tunisha often felt short of money.

Sonia was shocked when Tunisha had asked 3k from her.

TV actress Tunisha Sharma committed suicide on December 24. She was found hanging in Sheezan Khan's makeup room. She was rushed to the hospital but doctors declared him brought dead. After Tunisha's death, her mother files a case against Sheezan.

Sheezan's mother and sister held a press conference and disclosed all the allegations. Sheezan Khan's mother said, 'Tunisha was like my daughter. We can never force anyone. Tunisha used to call me Amma... The allegations against Sheezan are wrong.'

Sheezan's sister has said that she had a sisterly relationship with Tunisha. Taking him to Dargah is wrong. We also told that we had made Tunisha very happy. We had a very good relationship with Tunisha, it was said on behalf of Sheezan Khan's family.

The religion we practice is our personal religion. We are not pressuring anyone, the discussion of dargah and hijab is wrong. It is also said that the photo of Hijab which is going viral is from the show. Tunisha Sharma's suicide has shocked everyone and created excitement.

Sheezan's lawyers have now made serious allegations that Tunisha did not have a good relationship with her family. Not only this, the mother of the actress strangled her. Sheezan Khan's lawyer claimed in a press conference that Tunisha was strangled by her mother.

Tunisha also told this story to the director of the serial in which she was working at the time. Apart from this, she also mentioned her mother's friend Sanjeev Kaushal. The lawyer says that Tunisha was afraid of Sanjeev. Sanjeev had anxiety issue and this is the reason.

Sheezan's lawyer also claims that her mother used to keep Tunisha's hard earned money and never gave her a single penny. Tunisha often stretched her hands in front of her mother for money. Also, mother Vanita Sharma used to ask Tunisha a lot of questions when she asked for money.