Get rid of viral flu and cough with these home remedies

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: January 10, 2022 03:20 PM2022-01-10T15:20:52+5:302022-01-10T15:20:52+5:30


Decoction of basil and ginger- Grind 10-12 basil leaves, 2-3 black pepper, and one piece of ginger. Now boil it in two cups of water. Then filter the drink and mix one table spoon of Honey in it. This decoction is wonderful for cold, cough.

Decoction of cinnamon and honey - Boil two cups of water by mixing one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, when the water remains 1 cup, then mix one teaspoon of honey and drink it. It loosens the phlegm and expels phlegm.

Decoction of Giloy- Grind about half a teaspoon of Giloy in two cups of water and boil it. This decoction keeps the digestive system fine and increases immunity rapidly. Not only this, but it also fights the symptoms of flu. By consuming it regularly, you will get many types of health benefits.

Saltwater gargles - Saltwater and baking soda are also helpful in relieving cold, cough, and mucus. If you gargle with salt water gargles or baking soda two-three times a day, then problems like mucus accumulated in the chest, cough, sore throat are cured.

Garlic is known for its antiviral properties which add to its medicinal values. This helps prevent infections that can potentially lead to asthma. You can eat garlic cloves directly or in the form of capsules available in the market.

Oregano contains all those vitamins which are beneficial for our immunity and are helpful in increasing health. Oregano has anti-inflammatory properties and it is also rich in other languishing elements that are beneficial for asthma.