Weight Loss Tips : Do you really gain weight if you eat roti and rice same time?

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: December 21, 2022 08:22 PM2022-12-21T20:22:51+5:302022-12-21T20:22:51+5:30


Curvy figure and slim look have become more important than fitness these days. Everyone is trying to lose weight. There are many myths that are believed about what to eat and what not to eat to lose weight. In such a condition, many people feel weak and tired.

Many people say that eating rice and chapati together leads to faster weight gain. Food like rice, chapati, vegetables are prepared at many people's homes. Sweets and fried food are made for special occasions.

According to experts, there should be variety in the diet. So if you eat chapati in the morning, then in the evening you should have sorghum, bajri, Ragi bread. Include a variety of grains in your daily diet. Combination food is important in cookery.

What to eat for weight loss? 1) Eat bread instead of chapati to lose weight. If you have chapatis for lunch, you should have chapatis for dinner.

2) Never skip breakfast. Lunch should be complete with dal, rice, bread, vegetables, salad.

3) Digestion slows down at night so try to eat early. If you eat late, the food eaten will not be properly digested. This can lead to accumulation of toxic elements in the body. As a result, weight gain and health problems may occur.

4) Eat bread and amti or bread as one dish meal in dinner.

You can include chapati aamti or bhakri, bhaji in one dish meal for dinner. Dal, rice porridge, porridge should be in the diet. One dish mill is useful for health as it is easy to digest.