Diamond Crossing: Railway junction in Maharashtra with crossings from all directions

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: January 16, 2023 04:05 PM2023-01-16T16:05:08+5:302023-01-16T16:05:08+5:30


There are thousands of railway crossings in India. During train journey you may have seen one track joining another track and also crossing one track. But, there will be four track crossings at the same place and most of the people will not see such a place because such a crossing is complete.

This diamond shaped railway crossing is only in Nagpur in Maharashtra. This is called diamond crossing. A planned crossing system is followed here despite passing in all four directions. If you stand at one place, you can see tracks in all four directions and trains come from all sides.

Interestingly, many people come to see the Diamond Crossing. Diamond Crossing is open 24 hours. But common people are not allowed to stay here for a long time. In terms of safety, it is not advisable to stand near the track, so the train will not allow anyone to stand here for a long time.

A crossing is like a road junction in a network of railway tracks. Which is called diamond crossing or chowk. There are railway crosses in four directions of this crossing. A diamond crossing works for a railway in the same way as a square or traffic signal does on a road.

Nagpur is served by a track from Gondia in the East, the Howrah-Rourkela-Raipur line. Another track comes from Delhi. One track also comes from South and one track also comes from West Mumbai. Thus it is called diamond crossing.

A diamond crossing is a special type of crossing that is made only under special circumstances. It is a hub in the railway network, where railway lines cross each other in all four directions. It is a center of attraction for tourists.

Once you take a closer look, you too will be left scratching your head. Because in such a situation the risk of accident is also high. But the whole game is about time management. Due to this, the trains are driven in such a way that they cross safely without hitting each other.

India's railway network is vast, yet Diamond Crossing is said to be only in Nagpur. This Diamond Crossing is located in Mohan Nagar in Sampriti Nagar area of ​​Nagpur. However, many questions have been raised on this too.

Several reports also claim that there are only three tracks, so it is not called a diamond crossing. But a track comes from Gondia to the east on the Howrah-Rourkela-Raipur route. One track comes from Delhi, which comes from the north.

When the loco pilot wants to change the train track, he works from the control panel of the control room. These 2 switches on the track divert the movement of the train to the right and left, thereby changing the track. The track replacement work is actually near the railway station itself.