Maha govt issues new rules, traffic police will not be able to stop your car

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: February 10, 2023 06:09 PM2023-02-10T18:09:58+5:302023-02-10T18:09:58+5:30


Traffic Police Latest Rules: If you drive a car and live in Mumbai, this news is useful for you. Recently Maharashtra government has issued new rules related to traffic.

According to these rules, the traffic police cannot stop and question you unnecessarily. Apart from this, the traffic police will not have the permission to check the vehicle. An order has also been issued in this regard. The Commissioner of Police has issued a circular in this regard to the Transport Department.

According to the circular, the traffic police will not check the vehicles. Especially where there is a checkpoint, only traffic can be monitored. Also, one has to keep an eye on whether the traffic is running smoothly or not.

Traffic police can stop a vehicle only if it does not affect the speed of traffic in any way. Actually, many times the traffic police stop the vehicles anywhere based on suspicion and start searching the boot and inside the vehicle. This affects the traffic on the road.

What's in the order? - In the circular issued to the police, it has been asked to stop checking vehicles. This decision has been taken due to the continuous increase in traffic on the roads. The traffic police have been asked to give priority to the movement of vehicles.

If the driver is violating the traffic rules, the police can stop him under the law. Traffic police and local police can take action against motorists during joint blockades. Above the concerned traffic post if this order is not strictly enforced.