Several Vehicles Collide on Agra-Lucknow Expressway Due to Dense Fog, People Robbed Chickens

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: December 27, 2023 01:21 PM2023-12-27T13:21:58+5:302023-12-27T13:21:58+5:30


A dense fog has led to a major accident in Agra. Three people were killed in an accident on the Lucknow Express. Accidents were also reported on the Agra-Delhi National Highway. Several cars hit each other due to fog. It also includes a tempo transporting a chicken.

The driver, who sustained injuries in the crash, was promptly taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

A pickup van carrying chickens was involved in an accident, causing the vehicle to overturn. The crash resulted in the unfortunate death of many chickens. A large crowd of onlookers witnessed the incident, and some individuals took advantage of the situation by looting the chickens from the overturned van.

The accident occurred on the national highway as a pick-up vehicle, transporting chickens valued at Rs 1.5 lakh, was enrooted to a poultry farm. The mishap took place during the transportation of the chickens. Subsequently, a scene unfolded where individuals were observed actively and literally breaking in to seize and drive away the chickens from the accident site.

The incident unfolded on the national highway in Agra and was captured on video by passersby. The footage has since gone viral on social media platforms, showcasing individuals running away with the chickens that were involved in the accident.

Following the accident, efforts were made to reposition the overturned vehicles using cranes. One of the vehicles involved in the accident, a tempo carrying chickens, was subsequently parked on the roadside.

The irony is some individuals arrived equipped with sacks to gather and fill them with the looted chickens. They were observed stuffing chickens into the sacks and carrying them away. Even onlookers were taken aback by the unusual nature of this incident.

In Agra, due to dense fog on the national highway, nothing was visible in front of them. As a result, several vehicles collided with each other. These vehicles included buses, cars and tempos. One of them was a tempo transporting chickens.

In India, there is a cold wave in the north. So, there is a lot of fog here, due to this fog, often nothing is visible in front of you. Not just in the morning, but in some places, there is fog all day.

School children in many northern states are suffering due to the cold. With school early in the morning, children have to go through extreme cold and fog.