Who is Diya Kumari princess of Jaipur who stake claim on land on which Taj Mahal was built

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: July 13, 2023 04:53 PM2023-07-13T16:53:07+5:302023-07-13T16:53:07+5:30


Bharatiya Janata Party MP and former princess of Jaipur Diya Kumari has claimed the land on which the Taj Mahal was built originally belonged to her family.

Diya Kumari asserted that she has documents that show Jaipur royal family’s claim on the land.

Speaking in support of the petition, BJP leader Diya Kumari said, “It should be investigated what was there before the monument was built. People have the right to know what was there originally before the 'maqbara'."

Diya Kumari claimed that Mughal ruler Shah Jahan had taken possession of the land belonging to her family. Diya Kumari, the Indian princess, politician, socialite, and philanthropist, carries with her the legacy of her illustrious lineage as the granddaughter of the last ruling Maharaja of Jaipur, Man Singh II. Her captivating journey from royal blood to the bustling world of politics and beyond has captivated hearts and minds, making her a true icon of modern India.

Kumari was born on 30 January 1971 to Bhawani Singh, a decorated Indian Army officer and hotelier, and Padmini Devi, in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Diya Kumari’s destiny was intricately entwined with the legacy of her forefathers. However, she recalls a childhood far from the gilded halls of palaces, for her father’s army posting in Delhi meant a life of modesty and camaraderie.

Her education took her across prestigious institutions, from Modern School in New Delhi to G.D. Somani Memorial School in Mumbai and finally to the hallowed halls of Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ Public School in Jaipur. Fueling her passion for the arts, she pursued a Fine Arts Decorative Painting Diploma from the esteemed Parsons Art and Design School in London, enhancing her creative spirit and refined aesthetic sense.

Love, as it often does, found its way into Diya Kumari’s life. On a memorable day, August 6, 1997, she publicly exchanged vows with a commoner Narendra Singh Rajawat, a chartered accountant who also dabbled in the realm of construction. Their union proved that love knows no boundaries, transcending societal expectations and capturing the essence of a true partnership.

The couple, bound by love and ambition, embarked on an incredible journey together. Three beautiful children were born into their world, each carrying a legacy of their own. Their eldest son, Padmanabh Singh, emerged as the embodiment of regal lineage and sporting prowess. As the titular Maharajah of Jaipur, Padmanabh has made his mark in the world of polo, his talent unmatched and his passion unrivaled. At a tender age, fate beckoned him closer to the throne, as Bhawani Singh, Diya Kumari’s father, formally adopted him on November 22, 2002, proclaiming him the heir apparent to the majestic realm of Jaipur. Thus, the burden of history and the splendor of a dynasty passed onto the young prince’s shoulders.

In the wake of Bhawani Singh’s untimely demise in 2011, Diya Kumari assumed the mantle of responsibility, guiding the royal family’s affairs in the stead of her adolescent son. With a grace befitting a princess, she became the steadfast protector of a heritage that spanned generations. Leading by example, Diya Kumari embraced her role as a matriarch and guardian, defying societal norms and carving her own path.

Kumari joined Bharatiya Janata Party on 10 September 2013. Surrounded by a massive crowd of two lakh people, she made her entry in the presence of personalities such as the then Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, BJP President Rajnath Singh, and Vasundhara Raje, during a grand rally in Jaipur.