From Ram Charan to Priyanka Chopra: Indian Actors Who Would Perfectly Portray the Supes in a Desi Remake of The Boys

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: May 26, 2024 08:00 PM2024-05-26T20:00:00+5:302024-05-26T20:00:00+5:30


Homelander: Ram Charan Who better to embody the narcissistic glory hog than the charismatic Ram Charan? He's got the charm, the intensity, and the action-hero chops to pull off Homelander's terrifying allure.

Billy Butcher: Ranveer Singh With his signature swagger and brooding intensity (Bajirao anyone?), Ranveer Singh would hit the nail in the coffin to breathe life into Butcher's relentless pursuit of revenge. We can practically see the flying punches and hear the Hindi dialogues dripping with rage.

Hughie: Babil Khan Following in his father's footsteps, Babil Khan would be the perfect choice to inject a youthful vulnerability into Hughie's journey – from wide-eyed innocence to a hardened fighter.

Starlight: Ananya Panday Ananya Panday would deftly bring a fresh-faced idealism to Starlight, perfectly capturing the disillusionment that awaits her in the corrupt world of superheroes.

Frenchie: Diljit Dosanjh Diljit Dosanjh's comedic timing and effortless charisma make him the perfect choice for Frenchie, the tech-savvy and sarcastic weapons dealer.

Kimiko: Wamika Gabbi Wamika Gabbi's fierce screen presence makes her a great fit for Kimiko's brutal efficiency and hidden depths.

A-Train: Tiger Shroff Who else but the lightning-fast Tiger Shroff to play the speedster A-Train? The viewers would definitely be in for some mind-blowing action sequences!

The Deep: Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor's charm can be deceptive, making him ideal to bring The Deep's descent into depravity to life on screen.

Victoria Neuman: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Priyanka Chopra's steely resolve and hidden fire make her the perfect choice for Victoria Neuman, the seemingly harmless politician with a shocking truth.

Firecracker: Kriti Sanon Kriti Sanon's explosive energy is perfect for essaying the role of Firecracker, the volatile and unpredictable member of The Boys.

Sister Sage: Tamannaah Bhatia Tamannaah Bhatia would adeptly bring a touch of mystery, along with profound wisdom, perfect to portray Sister Sage. The newest addition to The Seven, Sister Sage is alleged to be Homelander’s greatest weapon in the upcoming season.