Reuse of old saree for decorating house in Diwali, How to give festive look to your house using old saree?

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: November 3, 2023 05:16 PM2023-11-03T17:16:59+5:302023-11-03T17:16:59+5:30


Just as we change our look by wearing new, beautiful clothes during Diwali, the same can be done at home. If you give a festive look to your house, your house will also look beautifully decorated on Diwali.

Now let's see how creatively old sarees can be used to give a festive look to the home.. If these simple ideas are put into practice, see how your home will be beautifully decorated for Diwali..

For this, first of all, take out all your sarees which are good, but you are tired of wearing them and don't want to give them away.

These beautiful cushion covers can be sewn using old sarees. Two contrasting colors can also be used. The combination of one color of the sofa and another of the pillows also looks good.

As per the color scheme of the cushions and sofas, beautiful curtains of old sarees can also be stitched.

Not only the home but also the dining table can be given such a cool festive look by using an old saree.

See how plain fiber chairs change their look if they are covered with such a nice cover. See, something like this can definitely be done with old sarees for Diwali.

You can definitely give such a festive look to the bedroom too. But for this use cotton silk type saree and use that bed sheet for just 4 to 5 hours.