CHECK PICs! Maharashtra Police's mantra, 'don’t get fooled by the virus'

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: April 1, 2021 05:14 PM2021-04-01T17:14:28+5:302021-04-01T17:14:28+5:30


April 1 is celebrated all over the country as April Fool's Day. It is that one day in the year when people can get away with almost anything.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Police have warned not to share news or messages and spread rumors.

Mumbai Police has appealed to people to not make anyone April fool by spreading false or fake news through social media.

It’s April Fool's Day but “don’t get fooled by the virus,” Mumbai Police said in a new post on Twitter today to spread awareness about the importance of face masks.

The graphic that Mumbai Police shared in their new post on Twitter features a face mask and the caption reads, “Not wearing your face mask is a costly prank. Be ‘fool-proof’ against the virus.”

Don't be fooled by such messages through WhatsApp, SMS, email, banners, or any other medium. Verify the authenticity of every message !, police said.

Currently, citizens are deceived through fake calls and messages, forcing them to open links and asking for information.

Vaccination is also in full swing due to the prevalence of corona. However, misconceptions are being spread about this vaccination whichis false.

Consumers are deceived by the temptation to invest a thousand rupees and get a lakh rupees.

Maharashtra Police tweeted from their official account, raising awareness by suggesting not to become a fool.