Bihar CM Nitish Kumar loses his cool with RJD leader in meeting

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: July 10, 2023 08:00 PM2023-07-10T20:00:17+5:302023-07-10T20:00:17+5:30


In the wake of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is appealing to all opposition parties to unite. However, due to some leaders of the Grand Alliance, it was seen that they got agitated in the Bharsabha. At this time, he gave a direct warning to all the leaders of the Grand Alliance.

All the opposition parties had to face the wrath of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar during the Grand Alliance meeting. During the meeting, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar angrily rebuked RJD MLC Sunil Singh, saying, "Don't talk too much." At this time Nitish Kumar Kong.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar rebuked Ajit Sharma for his ties with BJP. Also, MLAs are also told to meet their leader if they have any problems. Bai of the ruling grand alliance called in connection with the monsoon session of the Bihar legislature.

The meeting was held in the central hall under the chairmanship of Nitish Kumar. MLAs and MLCs from RJD, JDU, Congress and Left parties participated in the meeting. During this meeting, CM Nitish lashed out at RJD MLC Sunil Singh.

After this meeting, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Vijay Chaudhary said, many issues were discussed. MLAs have been advised that if there is any problem at this time, contact their leaders directly, this will strengthen the grand alliance.

The political atmosphere in Bihar is heated. JDU National President Lalan Singh has made a big statement in this. Lalan Singh has said that the Grand Alliance is united in Bihar. Also, targeting the BJP, Lalan Singh said, no matter how hard you try, it will be a disaster in Bihar.

Attacking the BJP, Lalan Singh said, this party is spreading propaganda every day and saying that there is a split in the Grand Alliance.