Man in Bihar writes his properties worth crores in will to pet elephants

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: June 9, 2020 03:00 PM2020-06-09T15:00:39+5:302020-06-09T15:03:12+5:30


It’s been a week when the disturbing news of pregnant elephant death onto the feeding of pineapple with firecrackers led to extreme outrage across the country. Yet again an elephant story has grabbed attention but for a bizarre reason.

Akhtar Imam who hails from Patna, in his will, wrote his property worth crores to his pet elephants-Moti and Rani.

According to the man, he was tried to be murdered once. It was then, when these elephants saved his life.

50-year-old Imam is the chief manager of the Jipur resident and Erawat Institution at Fulwarisharif in the capital Patna.

However, his family is unhappy with his decision. His son happens to be a rowdy and could harm the elephants.

According to Imam, he has been taking care of two elephants since the age of 12. Following a family dispute 10 years ago, his wife left the house and started living with their two sons and daughter.

Imam alleges that his son Miraj alias Rinku is a rowdy which provoked Imam to evict Miraj from his property. Miraj once tried to sell the elephants in conjunction with the animal smugglers.

Talking about the time when the elephants saved his life, Imam told that his pets saw a man with a pistol approaching his residence one night. It was then, when Moti and Rani started trumpeting and made Imam aware of the man trying to kill him.

Imam has handed over half the property worth five crores to his wife and devised his share of the property to the elephants of Erawat Institution. After Akhtar’s death, if both elephants die, their property will go to the institution. None of Imam’s family members will be benefited from his will.