Internet Users In India 2024 51.98 percent of Internet users are Jio customers, while 28.79% use Airtel

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: April 15, 2024 02:31 PM2024-04-15T14:31:11+5:302024-04-15T14:31:11+5:30


In the contemporary landscape dominated by social media, virtually no one remains disconnected from the internet. Whether for professional, personal, or recreational purposes, individuals across the globe maintain an online presence, ensuring constant connectivity in today's digital age.

India boasts a staggering 861.4 million internet users, underscoring the nation's significant presence in the digital sphere.

Today, we delve into the realm of internet service providers in India to uncover the company commanding the largest share of internet usage in the country.

Once reigning supreme, Airtel's dominance in the internet service sector has waned, surrendering its top spot to Ambani's Jio.

Jio, a relative newcomer to the industry with only eight years under its belt, has swiftly eclipsed many competitors, capturing a staggering 52 percent market share in the sector today.

In the wake of Jio's arrival in 2016, a tidal wave of change swept through the telecommunications landscape, forcing established players like Videocon, MTS India, Aircel, Telenor, and Tata Docomo to swiftly exit the market, unable to withstand the intense competition.

Mukesh Ambani's Jio has firmly established its supremacy in the internet sector, commanding a staggering 51.98 percent of the country's internet users as its customers.

Following closely behind Jio, Sunil Mittal's Airtel secures the second position in this list, claiming 28.79% of internet users in India as its customers.

The distribution of internet users in India extends beyond the dominant players. ACT captures a modest 0.25% share, while BSNL accounts for 2.85%. Vee secures a notable 14.5% of the market.

Additionally, a collective 1.63% of users are patrons of other companies.