Tips: Looking to lose weight? Here is how you can burn 1000 calories in a day

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: September 5, 2023 02:07 PM2023-09-05T14:07:31+5:302023-09-05T14:07:31+5:30


To lose weight first you need to burn excess calories in your body. You know that you cannot lose weight without it. But many people do not know how to burn these calories and how much. So today we are going to tell you this.

1) 1 Hour 20 Minutes Mountain Biking - Mountain biking relaxes your muscles a lot. It gives you a full body workout. This method is similar to the heavy exercises done in the gym. By which you can burn maximum calories.

2) Walk for 1 hour – Most experts advise you to walk to lose weight and burn calories. You should walk for at least 1 hour every day. Then you can burn a thousand calories, it also improves your heart health

3) Play football for an hour - Football is a game of mind and speed. You need a lot of energy to play this game by which you burn calories. This sport burns more calories than exercising in the gym.

4) 1 Hour 30 Minutes Basketball – Running while playing a basketball game is very good for your health. It not only builds your muscles but also burns more calories.

5) 1 Hour Hockey – Hockey players have stronger bodies than cricket players. Because in this you have to run more and also keep the ball rolling. It strengthens your muscles and burns calories too.

6) Rope Jumping - Rope jumping is similar to running. This is an exercise that has a full body effect. This exercise helps you to burn 750 to 1047 calories in an hour. While doing this exercise, take care that this exercise should be done slowly.

7) Eat less and increase burning - If you don't go to the gym and exercise, you should go to the park for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day which will balance your calorie burning.

8) 1 Hour Swimming – Swimming is considered to be the best way to burn calories. Because swimming is considered a complete exercise you can burn maximum calories through different methods of swimming.

9) Dance – Dancing also helps you burn calories a lot. Because the more you sweat, the more calories you burn. If you dance for at least one hour every day, you will get a lot of benefits.