Top Calcium-Rich Foods and Bone-Strengthening Remedies for Optimal Health

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: May 30, 2024 01:40 PM2024-05-30T13:40:13+5:302024-05-30T14:33:28+5:30


A growing number of individuals in their 30s are reporting significant discomfort in their backs and knees, particularly when sitting for extended periods or standing up.

Insufficient nutrition from the diet is identified as a leading cause of weakened bones. Incorporating specific foods into your diet can effectively bolster bone strength, potentially eliminating the need for calcium supplements altogether.

Milk and dairy products are excellent sources of calcium. To ensure you get a high dose of calcium, make it a habit to drink milk daily and regularly consume cheese, yogurt, and ghee.

Combine jaggery and peanuts to make laddoos and eat one every day. This will not only strengthen your bones but also boost your immune system by increasing the iron levels in your body.

Sunflower seeds are another excellent source of calcium. Including them in your diet can further contribute to maintaining strong bones.

Almonds are also a good source of calcium. To maximize their benefits, soak almonds in water overnight and eat them on an empty stomach the next morning.

Vitamin D is essential alongside calcium for maintaining strong bones. When both nutrients are present in the right amounts, bones remain firm. Therefore, incorporate vitamin D-rich foods into your diet and regularly consume green leafy vegetables.

To boost your vitamin D levels, spend time in the sun and engage in your favorite exercises. This will help strengthen your bones.