Combatting Smartphone Addiction in Children: Five Ways to Keep Them Away from Mobile Devices

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: February 20, 2024 02:03 PM2024-02-20T14:03:14+5:302024-02-20T14:03:14+5:30


Parents across the board are increasingly troubled by the sight of their children engrossed in their smartphones, with concerns mounting over how to curb this addiction. The pressing question of how to alleviate children's dependence on mobile phones weighs heavily on the minds of many parents.

If your children share a mobile phone, implementing a few strategies can effectively mitigate their addiction to it. These steps are proven to help reduce children's dependency on mobile devices.

One initial step to consider is refraining from using your own mobile phone in front of your children. Frequently, when children observe their parents using mobile devices, they are more inclined to desire one for themselves.

Establishing designated screen time limits for children, such as 15 minutes or half an hour, can be effective. Once the allocated time is up, encourage them to refrain from using their mobile phones.

Enforce restrictions on carrying mobile phones during specific times, such as meal times (lunch, dinner, breakfast, and tea), as well as in bedrooms and washrooms.

Introduce children to storybooks and various games as alternatives to mobile phones. Engage with them by playing these games together, fostering quality family time while steering them away from mobile device usage.

Allocate dedicated time to take the kids outdoors and encourage them to interact with other children in their vicinity. Foster friendships and promote outdoor play in fields or open spaces, redirecting their focus away from mobile devices towards physical activity and social interaction.