Top 5 Moments From Disney Pixar’s Inside Out Worth Revisiting Before Watching Inside Out 2

By Lokmat English Desk | Published: May 31, 2024 06:11 PM2024-05-31T18:11:19+5:302024-05-31T18:26:34+5:30


Fans across the world are awaiting the highly anticipated sequel - Inside Out 2 as the OG emotions: ‘Joy’, ‘Sadness’, ‘Anger’, ‘Fear’ and ‘Disgust’ return to Riley’s mind. However, in the sequel, Riley is portrayed as a teenager who will be introduced to new, complex emotions that will stir chaos with the existing set of personified emotions. Before we dive deep into Riley’s next chapter which is set to release in theatres this June 14th, here are the top 5 moments from Inside Out that made us feel several emotions all at once!

Just 33 seconds into baby Riley’s mind, an enthralled ‘Joy’ meets ‘Sadness’ as Riley experiences her very first cry, following which, we are quickly greeted by the remaining three emotions in a montage showcasing Riley’s childhood in Minnesota, paving the path for an emotional rollercoaster in the film.

To cope up with the deserted feelings of being alone in a new city, Riley’s mind quickly adapts with all her emotions uniting to design her room in San Francisco, right after tackling various feelings resulting from every emotion taking charge of Riley’s mind. This scene beautifully encapsulates coping mechanisms in the most adorable and colourful manner.

The part wherein one emotion feels like the other definitely holds a higher rank in the world of emotions. It qualifies to be the most emotional sequence from the first film. This scene appears shortly after a high-octane commotion between ‘Joy’ and ‘Sadness’ that throws them out of Riley’s headquarters into a physical high-ceiling storage depicting Riley’s long-term memory in an attempt to protect ‘core memories’ after landing in the memory dump ‘Joy’ experiences sadness for the very first time after looking at Riley’s forgotten memories.

Inside Out presents a creative visualisation of Hockey, Goofball, Friendship, Honesty, and Family islands depicting different aspects of her personality which are empowered by Riley’s memories. In the absence of ‘Joy’ and ‘Sadness’ from Riley’s headquarters, the personality islands start collapsing as she stops creating new memories, thus reflecting upon the importance of regularly creating various memories to empower personal growth.

‘Joy’ and ‘Sadness’ bounce back into Riley’s headquarters, when ‘Joy’ realises the importance of ‘Sadness’ in Riley’s life, right after which ‘Sadness’ re-activates the emotional console in her headquarters which prevents ‘Riley’ from an attempt to flee back to ‘Minnesota’, truly highlighting the fact that feeling each emotion is necessary to overcome difficult situations in life.

Audiences are excited for the sequel to hit the theatres on 14 June. The Pixar entertainer is a call out for viewers of all age groups as the emotions and narrative portrayed is a cinematic reflection of what we as humans have gone through at some point in our lives.